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How To Create Educational Mobile Application?

By March 8, 2022October 19th, 2022Software development

The figure below depicts the rise of educational apps in 2020, dominating the industry as the pandemic wave hit the world. Mobile devices are present in many aspects of our lives and offer fast, adaptive solutions to day-to-day tasks. In the health area, applications have gained prominence, either those developed for professionals or for patients, and can be used to inform, instruct, record, display, guide, remind, or alert and communicate. The account authorization must be included in any educational app or portal for teachers and students so they can build their profiles and get started with the app. It might come as a surprise to learn that, according to Statista, the education sector is third in the most preferred mobile app category globally. The global market for mobile education grew at a CAGR of over 24% between 2015 and 2020.

The app contains immense features and tools that make the Udemy app more powerful. Udemy’s mobile app continuously delivers convenient and digital learning environments from anywhere in the world. Using Udemy’s course development tools, instructors can upload videos, source code for developers, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, audio, ZIP files, and any other content that learners might find helpful.

  • The benefits of creating such applications are paramount and will help in instilling competence in students.
  • As the market of education app development is increasing, the demand for new ed-tech tools is increasing.
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  • As we are the leading mobile app development company, providing services for 20+ years, we have valuable and proficient developers who manage all types of applications swiftly.
  • The apps that offer smart or unique ways of learning different concepts are developed on gamified basics.
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Nowadays, students and professors are aware of every tiny detail on the mobile app for education. Odyssey did a great job working effectively with us to understand the initial requirements, views, and animation options for the programs. They effectively helped us to manage the inevitable learning that occurred as the application developed and was tested by user representatives. Our relationship was very positive, productive, and valuable in getting to a great product. Throughout the development of your project, we constantly look to improve upon quality to meet the needs of your end users. With consistent communication and nimble software development, our team can quickly make improvements without impacting the product’s overall performance.

Since the data is simpler to understand thanks to the creative tactics utilized as mobile learning is meant to promote involvement. Many educational institutions rely on digital tools and platforms to conduct classes, initiate the admission process, conduct assessments and quizzes, and other reasons. Education app development is a great idea to develop as in this pandemic, even when the schools and colleges are closed, students don’t need to compromise with their studies.

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Providing exceptional services is our motto and we are pretty sure you will never be disappointed. Teachers are happy to adopt digitalization as they are also experiencing new ways to teach. Thus, a mobile learning revolution has been ignited by the proliferation of smart educational mobile app development. Since our founding in 1990, our focus has been to provide solid, functional, custom software development solutions utilizing the latest technologies and methodologies. These mobile apps are usually being used during learning lessons within the classroom. This type of software acts as a tutorial that facilitates the entire learning process.

Many countries are seeking to eradicate illiteracy and EdTech, that is Education Technology, is one way to reach millions virtually. Gamification is incorporated into the curriculum and educational materials by faculty using AR platforms. Using augmented reality technology, teachers may materialize abstract ideas to help students grasp and comprehend difficult concepts. One of the apps, Quiver, delivers the best AR experience to the students by colouring the diagram, and the student will see the movement in it.

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PDFs, powerpoint presentations, videos, as well as audio content requires quite a lot of space on the device memory. The process in which learning proceeds with components of learning content and evaluation at regular intervals promotes a streamlined learning with better retention in the working memory. With the whole of eLearning occupying close to 20% of the investment structure, almost 16% directed only to mobile learning tools.

Educational Mobile Application Development

Khan Academy is another educational mobile app that helps thousands of students to learn major subjects such as math, physics, finance, accounting, chemistry, biology, history, etc. The video-based content makes this platform engaging and fruitful for students as they can save and watch repeatedly. For every great mobile application, The main goal is the initial step to discover and clarity of concept. You must be aware of the motive behind creating a mobile application development.

Students by definition can vary with respect to age and type of knowledge being gathered. OrtogApp offers information and interaction through electronic communication (e-mail) between professionals and patients. Regarding usability and level of user satisfaction, the findings of this study reflected good usability and high user satisfaction with the educational application. This is the first educational smartphone application for patients in Portuguese, built by a perioperative nurse. Whether you need a mobile application to expand your business, enterprise solutions for increased productivity and efficiency, or customized software to bring a device to life, we can handle it all.

With the availability of instructional resources in multimedia modes on smartphones and tablets, learning flexibility has increased even more. Karim and his entire team were timely, responsive, exceeded all expectations, and resolved all issues with professionalism and speed. Our responsive development team can adapt at the drop of a hat, which is something larger development firms simply cannot do.

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We build custom enterprise software to streamline business processes and open the flow of … If you don’t have planned for the app, it may not be as successful as you want. You need to make a rough sketch of the app before developing it; actually, this will give you an idea about the app’s look and feel. Instead, try to think of something attractive, unique, and authentic that will result in the growth and advancement of the users. With the help of the education system, students can learn anywhere, and it will be convenient for them even teachers can teach their students from home or anywhere else. Smartphones are not just for entertainment; we can also use them for studying and taking online programs from from sites like

Your custom software development project doesn’t need to be large or extensive for us to give it our full attention. Take a look at some of our past project’s to get a feel for the quality of our work and expertise. The features of an educational app are essential because the app’s success depends on the features you add to your app.

As mentioned earlier, mobile educational apps can help facilitate communication regarding events, updates on attendance, etc. Some other general educational uses of mobile apps are real-time messaging and instant updates. Students can directly message their teachers about any queries they have, especially during examinations. Likewise, parents can message teachers and ask about their ward’s progress and any other difficulties that they may be facing. Transform functionalities and the power of technology in the education sector with the utmost use of mobile applications. Mobile apps are handy, easy-to-access, functional, and engaging digital tools that anyone asks for.

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The app was disseminated in some maxillofacial surgery clinics of the city of São Paulo, and the application was presented on social networks to increase the use and the possibility of national evaluation. The systematic instructional design was developed in 1978 and is one of the most widespread methods in the world. It covers the stages of analysis, design/development, implementation and evaluation(8-9). After the release of your product, we provide dependable support and maintenance to make any necessary quality adjustments.

Educational Mobile Application Development

Developing to a point where the app could go live and start enrolling users must be the agenda initially. The gamified apps tend to break the routine and refresh minds by involving the students to actually participate in creating, developing, building, and applying the things they have studied. Users from all walks, school students, entrance exam aspirants, as well as advanced studies, download these apps to get an understanding of the kinds of questions that they can face in their exams. The instant evaluation of their attempt allows them an assessment that helps propel their learning process.

Among the limitations of the study are the availability of the app in only one language and its restriction to the surgical procedure. For future studies, it is recommended to develop more applications aimed at other surgical procedures, expanding the specialties. It is also necessary to validate instruments that can evaluate Educational Mobile Application Development the quality of the available applications, allowing the qualification of the application and recommending to the patient the one that best meets their needs. Usability results were lower than a study conducted in the US where guidance was given to 15 patients undergoing colorectal surgery, which reached a score of 95.

A very important parameter while developing an educational app is choosing the right technology partner. A team with adept members, skill sets, and knowledge on the eLearning domain are a must. The user journey across the application developed for eLearning must provide with ease, access to various modules.

Questions To Be Answered Before Proceeding For Educational App Development

However, it has been found that most students cannot absorb knowledge while they are busy taking notes. It’s essential to let students only focus on absorbing knowledge; hence, it’s imperative to make it fun and more engaging. It uses virtual immersive 3D navigation to show the anatomical architecture of different human bodily systems.

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Only those who have troubleshooted the challenges on the way to developing eLearning platforms will be able to guide you the best way forward. Appropriate software architecture will allow a smooth and uninterrupted learning to happen. Whether the app will cater to students, young or senior, professionals, or teachers only, will help decide on the architecture and integrations at an early stage. The inclusions for server support as well as data storage can be based on the requirements shared by the admin.

Through this transformation, trainers open thousands of courses for students so they can spare time and enjoy e-learning by downloading mobile apps for education. Despite studies on surgical preparation, guidance or monitoring, there are no studies on applications as a complementary resource for health education. It is the first mobile application developed by nursing and focusing on surgical patients. Mobile application development proliferates in different industries such as eCommerce businesses, manufacturing, supply chains, healthcare, etc.

Do You Have More Ideas Of Building Mobile Apps For Education?

The developed educational app must be tested on all spheres, for the server performance as well as the user interface and features. The tester on the development team will usually be exhaustively exploring the built sections, as per different user profiles that will be expected to use the application. Be certain whether the app is primarily for the students/learners, the tutors/teachers, or corporate professionals. The user stories should be accordingly designed and the flow down the app should be able to help meet the ultimate goal of the education app development. Development of an application for the purpose of learning via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets is a combination of creativity as well as understanding the eLearning processes.